Asset Protection

Business Owner Asset Protection

A client with a substantial amount of assets needed assistance with his estate plan as well as asset protection. We were able to form a creative plan that would allow him to maintain complete control of his assets (including roughly 15 businesses) while providing an extra shield of protection from creditors. This involved establishing two separate trusts – one for his personal assets and one for his business assets. We were also able to show him avenues to protect his liquidity through the use of a life insurance retirement plan.

Estate Planning

Business Owner Estate Plan

A client came to us who was getting married the following month. He had a business that had recently grown an exponential amount and was concerned with protecting the business in the unfortunate event of divorce. We were able to successfully create an estate plan that would protect him and his business in a very short time frame.


Marital Trust

A married couple was concerned with what would happen to their daughter’s inheritance should they divorce. We set a marital trust up for the clients addressing these concerns with language that would provide protection for their daughter if such an unfortunate event were to occur.

Medicaid Planning

Protected Medicaid Eligibility

The caretakers of a man suffering from a debilitating disease needed assistance. The man’s home was in foreclosure and he was needing to sell it quickly, but the caretakers were concerned with the proceeds from the sale affecting his Medicaid eligibility. We were able to assist the man so that the proceeds would not make him become ineligible for Medicaid and he could still qualify for the governmental benefits to which he was entitled.