Personal Injury

Have you been injured in a car accident? Have you lost a loved one because of a reckless driver? If you have sustained a bodily injury due to the negligence of a third party, I am here to help.

I want to listen. I am not only an attorney; I am a counselor. I have found that the best results for my clients were achieved through listening to them and working with each client to develop a solid strategy to accomplish their goals.

You are not just a number. Unlike a lot of the larger personal injury firms, I will handle your case from the initial intake to completion. You will always be able to speak with me directly upon request. I believe that the best attorneys are those that can develop and maintain a close relationship with their client, and that is exactly what I strive to do.

I will guide you through the process. Dealing with an insurance company can often be very difficult, tedious and frustrating. I will explain to you at the onset of the case the steps I follow to ensure that your bodily injury claim is handled smoothly. I will always be happy to answer any questions you have regarding the complex nature of insurance and your specific case.

Common Types of Personal Injury Cases:

Car Accidents

A person’s life can change in a second when it comes to a car accident. This change can lead to catastrophic injuries and limit one’s ability to earn a living. It may also cause you to have ongoing medical expenses. In Texas, you may be able to recover even if you were partially at fault due to Texas being what is known as a “comparative fault” state. Texas law will allow a party to be compensated as long as he is less than fifty-one percent at fault.

The first step I take as your attorney is to contact the defendant’s insurance carrier. Once you have completed your medical treatment, I will submit a demand to the insurance carrier and negotiate a settlement. Should a settlement not be reached, a lawsuit may be filed. Read more here.

Premises Liability

A premises liability case involves incidents caused by an unsafe or defective condition on a third party’s property. Property owners have certain duties under local, state and federal rules. Generally, property owners have a duty to keep their property safe for authorized visitors.

If a property owner fails to keep his premises safe from hazardous conditions, visitors can suffer horrific bodily injuries. It is important that property owners are held accountable for their negligence in such unfortunate events. Read more here.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death occurs when a person is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another party. If you have lost a loved one because of the negligence of someone else, you may be entitled to monetary damages. I understand that no amount of recovery will ever be able to compensate you for your loss, but at least I can help you secure financial stability for your future and a sense of justice for your loved one.

Wrongful death claims are very complex. It is important that you hire an attorney who understands the laws related to a wrongful death action so that your claim is handled appropriately.

Do not risk having your personal injury claim denied. I strongly advise against attempting to handle and negotiate your own bodily injury claim. You need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney in the insurance industry. I can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call me today!