Premises Liability

Have you been injured on someone else’s property? If so, you may have what is called a premises liability claim (also known as property owner liability). If you slipped and fell on a slippery surface area, received injuries due to a dog attack, or tripped on a broken step or cracked walkway, we can help you recover damages for your medical expenses, any lost wages you may have, and even your physical pain and suffering. A commercial property owner must keep his premises safe for invitees. If he falls short, serious injuries and even death can result. Premises liability and slip and fall claims take many forms. Some of these forms include: 

  • Slippery surface areas
  • Uneven stairs or loose railings
  • Hidden holes on the property
  • Poor lighting
  • Dog attacks
  • Defective amusement park rides
  • Inadequate security

A premises liability claim can be more difficult to pursue than the average car accident case. Therefore, it is important to seek legal representation right away if you have been injured at a business. There are many Southlake, Texas personal injury attorneys to choose from, but at Redding Law Office, you will receive the full attention of the attorney assigned to your case.

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Elements of a Premises Liability Case

In order to have a valid premises liability cause of action, an invitee must meet certain elements. These are:

  1. The plaintiff must meet the statutory definition of “invitee;”
  2. The defendant owned or was a possessor of the premises on which the invitee was injured;
  3. There was a specific condition on the premises that posed an unreasonable risk of harm to the invitee;
  4. The defendant knew or reasonably should have known of the danger posed;
  5. The defendant breached its duty of ordinary care to protect the invitee from danger by failing to adequately warn the invitee of the condition or failing to make the condition reasonably safe; and
  6. The defendant’s breach proximately caused the invitee’s injury.

Examples of Potential Property Owner Liability Cases

  1. You were shopping at Walmart and another customer spilled a substance on the floor which the store employees failed to clean up. You slipped and fell on the substance causing your injuries.
  2. You went for a walk in your neighborhood when you were attacked by one of your neighbor’s dogs causing your injuries.
  3. You were descending the stairs at your apartment complex when a stair came loose causing you to fall and injure yourself.
  4. You rode a ride at an amusement park that was not properly maintained and caused you to hurt yourself.
  5. You were assaulted on commercial property that failed to provide adequate security.

These are just a few examples of premises liability or property owner liability cases; however, this list is not all-inclusive. There are numerous ways you can be injured at a business. It is my duty to study the facts of your case and apply them to the applicable Texas laws and statutes. At Redding Law Office, I will listen to your situation and be able to assess whether you have a premises liability case. These cases are not easy to prove and require competent legal representation. I have handled many of these cases and will be able to guide you smoothly through the process. Do not hesitate. Call me today so that I can fight for the compensation you deserve.